AWS Clean Rooms is now available for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry

May 15, 2023 Mohsen Malik

As healthcare and life sciences customers work to advance clinical research, and realize personalized healthcare and precision medicine for patients, they face varying compliance, regulatory, and security requirements as well as disparate data that is siloed across multiple applications and organizations. These customers increasingly need to unlock access to quality data and leverage privacy-enhanced multi-party data collaborations to derive actionable insights. For example, an academic medical center conducting clinical research for the development of new cancer gene therapies with multiple collaborators, such as other hospitals and biopharma companies, needs to support their analyses without exposing or sharing each organizations’ sensitive or proprietary underlying data to derive insights that help improve research and development.

To help healthcare and life sciences organizations address these needs and more easily and securely collaborate across sensitive data sets without revealing or sharing underlying data, we are introducing AWS Clean Rooms, a HIPAA-eligible analytics service that enables AWS customers to create privacy-enhanced data clean rooms in minutes, invite their collaborators, and configure restrictions for participants. Each participant decides the specific data they want to join to the collaboration and all collaborators can leverage built-in, flexible analysis rules to control and restrict the type of queries that each participant can run. They are able to manage the granularity in query results with specific, row-level output constraints, and if an output does not meet a constraint established by any of the collaborators, for example, a minimum amount of people with a specific gene mutation from a de-identified population cohort, it is automatically redacted. This enables customers to better control their data and manage what insights can be analyzed while providing flexibility for collaborators to write queries of their choice.

AWS Clean Rooms helps healthcare and life sciences customers unlock new use cases, such as:

  • Optimizing and accelerating clinical development – Today, over 50% of new medicines that reach the market were originated by some form of cooperation between a biopharma company and a third-party, such as a startup, a university laboratory, or population research institutions. These organizations can now use AWS Clean Rooms to collaborate with third-party institutions on multi-modal, multi-party datasets analyses to improve clinical study design, identify cohorts of ideal candidates for clinical trial recruitment, and reduce overall recruitment timelines, all without revealing underlying patient data.
  • Understanding the longitudinal patient journey – AWS customers can now build 360 and longitudinal maps of patients’ data to improve their care by linking disparate data sets from across member institutions of an academic medical center network, as an example, using privacy-enhanced collaboration. Over time, this academic medical center network may be able to create a unified, comprehensive health record for each patient to better support diagnoses, wellness management, and care coordination.
  • Leveraging real world data to help in rare disease and outcomes research – Organizations can now perform multi-party privacy-enhanced collaborations to analyze multi-modal real-world data previously unavailable for such studies to improve research outcomes and inform the development of targeted therapies in areas with high unmet needs, such as rare diseases.

With AWS Clean Rooms, life sciences and healthcare organizations achieve faster speed-to-insights which can help improve customer, patient, and business outcomes. This initiative is a part of AWS for Health, an offering of curated AWS services and AWS Partner Network solutions used by thousands of healthcare and life sciences customers globally. AWS for Health provides proven and easily accessible capabilities that help organizations increase the pace of innovation, unlock the potential of health data, and develop more personalized approaches to therapeutic development and care. AWS for Health simplifies the process for healthcare and life science enterprises and innovative startups to identify industry-leading, cloud-based solutions across 16 critical solution areas in Healthcare, Genomics, and Biopharma.

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